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We're an online retail website. We are a shop full of shops. But all our different shops are not on this app yet. We are still designing our app. But we do have the Super Deals Shop. So shop away! It has all the best products anyway. But to see all our different shops you will have to go to our website at, on a desktop or mobile view.

We specialize in Tech products and Jewelry, but have all different types of shops, with all different kinds of products, and lots more to come! It's a lot of little shops all on one website. We are like an online shopping mall. And we have many more shops and products coming soon. We aspire to eventually have almost any shop you can think of. Right now, we sell all different kinds of powerbanks/portable chargers (solar & wireless, wireless, solar, mini, laptop, & regular powerbanks) that will charge phones, tablets, iPad's, laptops, and will charge all other 5v devices, such as, GPS, kindle, Nintendo switch, drones, iwatches, ear buds, heated clothes, cameras, and more!(and we sell some of those items as well)..and car jumpstarters/powerbanks that will jumpstart all cars and trucks that have a 6.0L engine and under (which is almost any type of car or truck) and will charge all 5v devices and laptops, we also have all different kinds of solar lights, solar security cameras, solar powerbanks, & spy cameras, on our MB5000 Tech Shop, for the lowest prices you will find. We sell the most stunningly beautiful & unique custom made jewelry, on our Unique Wish Jewelry Shop. We have something for him and something for her all in the same place. Or we have something for him and him or for her and her. Who says you can't get a powerbank or a car jumpstarter for a woman? Or a beautiful piece of jewelry for a man? Not us! We think everyone should have one. We also sell all types of flags...pride, rainbow, black lives matter, & country peace flags. We have the As You Wish Shop, where we take customer requests, on our Suggestion Box, of unique online products, that you would like us to sell for discounted prices. We have partnered with Modalyst and have access to literally thousands of global suppliers we can choose from. And can find pretty much anything you can think of. And we will match or beat any price out there! Go to our Suggestion Box for that as well. If you subscribe to our site, you can get 30% off any product. And we love to send out promo codes for our sales all the time. But we won't spam you to death. But who doesn't like a good sale? We really do like to be able to give our customers low prices. So you can either check out our site today at, or you can shop on this app. You won't be disappointed with your purchases. We stand behind all of our products 100% and want you to be happy with anything you choose. But if for some reason you're not, then we have your back, with our money-back guarantee. Just contact our customer service and they will be happy to help you with that, and walk you thru the process. We believe quality and service come first!


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