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        This is made by one of the best brands in the technology industry, known for its power, high-quality, reliability, honesty, integrity, low prices, and fast shipping times. We tested a lot of jump starters/powerbanks, and this was one of the best ones there were. Not only will it jumpstart your car, it will also charge your cellphone, tablet, ipad, camera, kindle, and other 5v electronic devices. And it does all that for a great affordable price, lower than most jumpstarters/powerbanks. Other stores charge alot more for products like these. Now when selecting a car jump starter/powerbank, you need to look at the amount of mah(battery capacity). That is what makes the price different. And the higher the mah, the better. 8,000-10,000mah is plenty battery capacity to jumpstart your car and charge your phone, tablet & ipad. Whats even more important to look at is the engine size, and this is for an gasoline engine size of 5.0L and under, and 2.0 diesel vehicle, which will start almost all large engine vehicles. The only one higher is the 6.0L gasoline engine size(which we sell also). So just make sure you find out what size engine you have before buying. And they're all for a 12v vehicle battery.

No more waiting, one button start
Emergency Start
Power Bank
LED Flashlight
-20°~65°C (these degrees are in celcious, can work & be stored in some very cold & very hot temps, and stored in the trunk)
OD Anti-reverse Connection

Specially designed for automobile start-up, high rate explosion-proof cell can withstand strong current impact during automobile start-up, with a peak value of 600A. Under the condition of power loss, car can start instantly.

Powerful starting ability provides strong support for large displacement diesel vehicles and gasoline vehicles. One button start diesel and gasoline models.
Suitable for 90% Vehicles
12V petrol (gas) vehicles with displacement not exceeding 5.0L
12V diesel vehicles with displacement not exceeding 2.0L
Car、SUV、Business Car、Electric Car、Motorcycle、Van、Pickup、Small Truck

High rate cell equipped with intelligent power IC chip, no afraid of low temperature and large temperature difference environment.
Low temperature -20°C: In cold winter, easy to use.
High temperature + 65°C: Don't worry about the danger of power supply caused by high temperature.

Built in 10000mah high-capacity polymer lithium battery, full at one time, can be started continuously for more than 25 times.
*The data comes from the KUULAA lab.
Quality Control Safety Protection
High quality cell with multiple safety protection safe and stable.
Polymer battery
Overcharge protection
Voltage stabilizing protection
Constant current protection
Short circuit protection
Over discharge protection
Anti counterfeiting protection
Temperature protection
Over current protection

Led highlight lighting function, can switch a variety of modes. In case of vehicle failure late at night, SOS mode can be used to prevent dangerous situations.
Floodlight -- Dark environment, emergency lighting, Always on
SOS Mode -- Vehicle failure, request support, Three long and three short
Flashing Mode -- Flash warning in case of emergency, Flicker alternately

Built in 10000mah capacity, not only for car starting, but also for power bank, charging a variety of digital products.
Micro Input: 5V2A
USB-A Output: 5V2A

1 Plug the plug into the interface for the starting battery (Red and green lights flash alternately).
2 Connect the battery clip to the car power supply (Red for "+", black for "-").
3 Return to the car and start the car.
4 After the car starting , remove the jump starter power immediately (Please remove in 30s).

Packaging list-User Manual *1-Car Jump Starter (Power Bank) *1
Battery Clamps (Red=Positive/Black=Negative) *1
3 in 1 USB Cable *1-with this cable you can charge 3 devices at once

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