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Our Affiliate Program:

We have an affiliate program, our account can be found on the APP, just do a search for our website. After you sign up for that...and you want to make you're own designs/photos/logo/phrase/joke/quote..and have us sell them on our Cool Custom Shop..on one of our custom products (any you request on our Suggestion Box also), or you can just sell your designs/photos (in digital form) on our shops, once you are one of our affiliates, and you can start selling the custom designs/photos that you made for us to sell...and then you can start selling them on your site/email marketing/google ads, or however you sell your products. And you will make a commission on ANY product you sell from our site, including your designs/photos/logo/phrase/quote you requested that we sell. And we will add an affiliate link & put more info & instructions on this page, so you will know exactly what to do. But for now, just go to to sign up. Also, our affiliates can request almost ANYTHING that they want us to sell...anyone can..thats what the Suggestion Box is for. Any questions just contact us. Go to our Suggestion Box for the rules/policies for that.

And we have do a trademark search online to make sure any design you send us doesn't have a trademark or copyright.

You can request almost ANY cool and unique online products that you want us to sell for discounted prices on our As You Wish Shop, on our suggestion box, by giving us the link, that shows the current price and product details. And you will make a 15-20% commission on ANYTHING you sell from our site!

We are the 1st site to allow our affiliates and customers actually request products they want us to sell. And we have access to thousands of suppliers...and can find almost ANY product you can think of!

And for any of your custom designs that you want us to sell, on our Cool Custom Shop, for now you can go to our help center/customer service page and use those forms to upload your designs, and send them to us that way, or you can always email them to us. But go on our Suggestion Box first and request that we sell your designs and let us know if you're going to upload them, or email them to us. This is a way for people that don't have a website, to still be able to get their work/designs out there for people to see and buy, and for you to be able to sell your work/designs for a commission from us. And we will not steal your ideas EVER, and we expect you not to steal anyone else's design ideas and send them to us either.

We are still building our Cool Custom Shop, and adding products & designs. But soon we will have almost anything you can think of. But if there is a custom product you'd like us to sell, that we haven't posted yet, just go to our Suggestion Box and request that product, so you can start selling it, however you sell your products. A good way to sell products from our site is through google ads, email marketing, Facebook ads, or Facebook shops. These are some of the custom products we do or will have on our Cool Custom Shop...t-shirts, canvas posters, tapestries, stickers, magnets, coffee mugs, blankets, beach towels, drinking glasses, flags, garden flags, welcome door mats, rugs, covers, phone cases, shoes, flip flops/sliders, baseball caps, bucket hats, tote bags, bumper stickers, keychains, pillows, pillow cases, bed covers, shower curtains, sweat shirts, jackets, DIY paint by numbers custom poster, custom DIY diamond paintings, custom jewelry, & pins/buttons. These are items you can request if we don't have them posted yet, and these are items you can start selling with our designs or your designs on them for a commission from us.


And as for our "Suggestion Box," its totally free to request your products. And theres no obligation to buy the product you requested, even after we start selling it. You can always change your mind. No biggie. We're sure if its cool and unique, then someone else will want to buy it. (with the exception of personal custom products-we won't start selling those if you don't want us to). This is if you are just requesting products that you want to buy or sell.

Any questions, please contact us.

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