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Our Store Policies For Our Suggestion Box/Form

We founded the Unique Wish Shop with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service & better quality equals loyal customers. We believe that service & quality come first! This is Our Suggestion Box page. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

The Suggestion Box

 The Suggestion Box rules and policies for customers to request online products for us to sell on our As You Wish Shop. All you really need to know is to fill out the Suggestion Box form with an online product that is cool and unique or just something you need, and that you would like us to sell on our As You Wish Shop, for a discounted price of 20%-60% off.  And provide a url link to show us the current details and price of your product please. Thankyou.


And that we have started a new member deal, that all first time and current members that go to our Suggestion Box and request any cool and unique and maybe even a little weird products, and that's hard to find anywhere else, or just something popular and a best-seller..that new member will now be getting a 30%-50% off coupon for any products they request, and plan to buy! Thats HALF OFF! But it's only a first time member deal. So you would have to join our site and create an account. And once youre a member..we love to send out coupons with awesome deals. We usually send out emails with 40% off coupons in them for all of our jewelry/watches/smart watches and regular watches. And we are going to be adding alot more watches to our site. We also send out many more deals for all of our products. And we have 200 more products to add. So if you subscribe to our site or become a on the lookout for our promotional emails full of awesome deals and coupon promo codes for great deals! But we promise we will not spam you to death. We don't like that either. But you will love the awesome deals we give. When you first fill out the Suggestion Box, you will also be emailed a 20% off coupon promo code for ALL of our products. But give us 24-48 hours to email you the 40% off coupon for ALL our jewelry. Thanks!      That's all you really need to know about choosing a product for the Suggestion Box and you can just CLICK HERE>to go down this page to the Suggestion Box, if you have already read all this, and give us a link to show us the current price and product details/info of your product, and fill out your name and email, and the rest of the form. You can either select, "Pick a product", or "Beat this price"..on the form drop down menu. You request it and we sell it! But you are more than welcome to continue reading about our store policies if you'd like to...otherwise just CLICK HERE>to go to the Suggestion Box/Form. Thanks.

Our owner got to pick the first two unique wishes, here at the the Unique Wish Shop. Two favorite things, technology/electronics and beautiful jewelry. And we have a lot more shops now..and are always adding more! The more profits we get..the more shops we can open! We have something for him and her, or something for him and him, or for her and her. We don’t like to use labels or be judgemental here at the Unique Wish Shop. Our owner picked the first two, but we’re going to let our customers pick the rest. And you don’t pick the category but you can pick a product. That’s right, you get to pick the products that we’re going to sell on our, As You Wish Shop, and get your own unique wish. Just scroll down this page  to the Suggestion Box<CLICK HERE if you want to bypass all the reading, if you have already read it ,  and fill out your name and tell us your email and your product idea in the info section. Give the product name, usual cost, where you’ve bought it before, a product description and send us the url link of the product (one product at a time) and the current price. Or you can just give us your suggestion of whatever it is that you want us to sell. For example, you can just say,"I would like you to sell a really cool solar security camera, or a funny tshirt about grandma's." And thats all you have to say. And we will find one. It has to be a product sold in the USA. 

And if you dont get good quality and the product is not as described, you WILL get a refund. Thats how important our customer satisfaction is to us. And all of the products we sell get a quality check before its sold and shipped to make sure its at top quality and ready for sale.  And we hope that are high quality and low costs will make you think that its worth the wait! But we are selling more & more products that have faster shipping times.

      And let me tell you why we are doing this. Because who knows better about what they want to buy than our customers? And let me tell you how we do this. Our company buys from the best high quality lowest costs manufacturers/suppliers. We are constantly searching for new suppliers. And have found many reliable and trustworthy suppliers/manufacturers. And we make sure we only deal with the best suppliers. We make sure they are honest, have integrity, and are professional. 


All you really need to know about our suggestion box....

We offer a wide variety of products...we sell almost ANYTHING, such as consumer electronics-spy devices, solar lights, powerbanks/portable phone chargers, to jewelry and custom made products. But you can also request almost ANYTHING!..such as, kitchen gadgets and home decor to pet supplies/products and toys for kids. The only thing we are not allowed to sell, are weapons, sex toys, most clothes (except t-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, & some shoes) & no medicine/health products or alcohol & drugs-our payment provider doesn't allow them.


We wanted to make a site that was full of cool, unique, popular, and best selling products. And some products that you didn’t even know existed until you came to our site. Or it can just be a product of something you need...for example, for one of our cameras..maybe you need an SD card with higher GB (gigabytes) or the rechargeable batteries with a higher MAH (milliamp hours) battery capacity. So those are the rules of what products you can pick, and the rest is up to you. So basically you can just add a product idea of something you would like to buy from us for 30%,40% to 60% off (keep the total price under $600). And we will research that item, contact all of our thousands of suppliers and find the one that has the highest quality, with the lowest cost. We buy straight from the manufacturer's factory, at where the product is actually made! Which enables us to be able to give 30%-50% off on almost all of our products. And we do check out the competition on other websites selling the same things and how much they sell it for. And then basically we just sell it for a much lower price. But don’t be fooled by our low prices, we only pick the best quality products.

The rest of the rules and our store polices are under The Suggestion Box, so if you'd like, please continue to read. Or just leave the link for your cool and unique product of the current price and details. And we also have a "Beat this Price" guarantee. And we will beat any price out there! Thankyou.

A few more new things about our Suggestion Box that we want to add...


About our Suggestion Box & requesting custom products:
You can always go to our Suggestion Box and request any custom products you want us to start selling on our "As You Wish Shop," such as DIY(do it yourself) Diamond paintings, DIY paint by numbers (that we will turn into your custom photo/design/quote/joke), canvas(of all types of sizes), blankets(different sizes), flags(different sizes), garden flags, tapestry(different sizes), bucket hats, baseball caps, posters(different sizes), stickers(bumper&others of different sizes), coffee mugs, phone cases, shoes, flip flops/sliders, t-shirts, or almost ANYTHING you can think of! And you can either request a design thats already made on our "Cool Custom Shop", or any other shop(they are labelled with a letter & number), or make your own design/photo/logo/quote/phrase to put on the custom product you request. Or you can tell us all the details of what you want, on our Suggestion Box, and on what custom product you want it on..and we will design it for you. And we will email you a picture of what your design/photo will look like on the custom product you choose, so you can confirm it. And we will then start selling that design/photo on that custom product on our shops...unless you don't want us to..if it's a personal photo, that you don't want for sale..just let us know..and we won't start selling it. We will just make it for you. Any questions..please feel free to contact us. 

And we will do a trademark search online to make sure any design you send us doesn't have a trademark or copyright.


And as for our "Suggestion Box," its totally free to request your products. And theres no obligation to buy the product you requested, even after we start selling it. You can always change your mind. No biggie. We're sure if its cool and unique, then someone else will want to buy it.(with the exception of personal custom products-we won't start selling those if you don't want us to).


And we have an affiliate program, our account can be found on the APP. After you sign up for that...and you want to make you're own designs/photos..and have us sell them on one of our shops..on one of our custom products(any you request on our Suggestion Box also), or you can just sell your designs/photos(in digital form) on our shops once you are one of our affiliates, and you can start selling the custom designs/photos that you made for us to sell...we will make another shop specifically for those designs, & we will put them on our Super Deals Shop...and then you can start selling them on your site/email marketing/google ads, or however you sell your products. And you will make a commission on ANY product you sell from our site, including your designs/photos you request on our Suggestion Box that we sell. We will set up our own affiliate link & page with instructions/info. Also, our affiliates can request almost ANYTHING that they want us to sell...anyone can..thats what the Suggestion Box is for. So basically, you can go on our Suggestion Box/form and request/let us know what designs you want us to make or that you want to make yourself and have us sell it on our shops. Then once they are on our site/ can start selling them however you want as our affilliate and make a commission. Any questions just contact us.




























We also go by the information given to us by the manufacturer/suppliers about each product that we sell, because who knows better about the product than the manufacturer that actually made the product. We buy straight from the manufacturer's factory of where they actually make the products. And if we cant find your product(which isnt usual because we can find almost anything out there) we will pick the closest version of your product. And since we cut out the middlemen and buy straight from the manufacturer, it allows us to give 30%-60% off of everything. And for some of this jewelry, they sell it for $60-$600-$6000 and more on other sites for the same pieces of jewelry. And most of our jewelry is 100% 925 sterling silver and very good quality. If our jewelry isnt 100% 925 sterling silver, we will refund you 10 times the price. We have bought many samples of the jewelry from our suppliers to test out their quality. For all of our jewelry, we dont charge over $700, most of its not over $50-$200. And sometimes that is hard to do, because some of this jewelry has high costs, and we lower it a lot. We could sell this jewelry for 3 times as much. Especially our lab grown diamonds, other stores are selling them for $200-$2000. A lab grown diamond is actually considered a real diamond and will pass the diamond test. It has most of the same components as a mined diamond, its just made in a lab with a complicated process to make it into a diamond and make it even more shiny and sparkling than a mined diamond. And mined diamonds are just a shiny rock, literally, they are also made in a lab that makes it into the shiny piece of jewelry that you buy. So they are technically lab diamonds too. But we made a decision not to sell any mined diamonds because it  just seems superficial to put such a high price on what is basically just a shiny rock. And theres just so much conflict in the world over mined diamonds.  And the type of diamonds we sell look just as good and sometimes even better than a mined diamond and for a much lower price. And we like being able to give our customers good prices. So I doubt that you will be able to find any jewelry at the same prices that we sell it for. And the only rules are, no mined diamonds and it cant be over $600. Well you can find a piece of jewelry for over $600, that’s actually just our rule of selling them. So just no mined diamonds. The different types of diamonds we sell are, SONA, Moissanite, some are just called lab grown diamonds, and we also sell zircons, gems, birthstones and crystals. That all look just as brilliant as the real thing, and no one can tell if they are or not. And from the research we have been doing, lab grown diamonds are the future. Lots of jewelry store owners are starting to sell more and more lab grown diamonds. And we are going to put all the info and differences from a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond on our site on the jewelry shop. It really will change your mind about wanting a mined diamond.  

And a few more cant pick a product that costs $1,000, and expect us to give 50% off. We try and keep our prices low. So try not to pick a product that costs over $600, and we might be giving only 30% off, so just remember that when picking a product. Right now, we actually dont sell anything over $600 and most of our products are under $50-$100. It will take us about 7-14 days to activate your product and put it live on our site. We need time to search and do research on it and pick the best one with the best supplier. And we will put it on a shop we just opened called, the 'As You Wish Shop.'

And this is a new experiment we are going to try. I dont think any website has ever done this before. We've never seen it anyway. So for now, we are going to give it a try and see how it turns out. We are going to build the As You Wish Shop together. 

And one more deal we are going to make for our site customers is..we will beat or match the price of any product you bring to us, thats $600 or less. It just has to be the same product of what we are currently selling or similiar and have the same or similar features.  And it has to be a product in the USA. Or it can be any product you find! You can go to your favorite site, and find your favorite product and copy the link, and then put it on our Suggestion Box, and we will match or beat their price! Not all products will be approved, but we will try to do them all. We have already had requests come in, that we are currently researching, and about to start adding to the, As You Wish Shop. So keep checking back and see what cool new products people came up with! For any questions, please contact us at Our customer support team is always ready to help with any questions you might have!

The Suggestion Box/Form

   Pick a product or beat this price!    

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