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Site Data-Security And Safety Center

About The connection is secure. This site has a valid certificate, issued by a trusted authority. Your security is our utmost priority. The Unique Wish Shop is loaded with a whole new security feature set. Mobile data and computer transmissions and account information are highly secure and encrypted. We use 128-bit encryption to help protect your data. We have a very secure connection. Your data on our site is encrypted and secure. Your shopping and transactions, and your data, are safe on our site. We use world-class security to protect your information while you're on our site. We don't sell your information for advertising or use it to target ads to you. You control how your information is used. Your payments are protected with SSL SECURE PAYMENTS. Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. All your data from any transactions are encrypted and protected by top of the line security, by our web hoster, uses VikingCloud - Part of the Sysnet Global Solutions for extra security, and browsers..Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome..that have built-in security features, Microsoft, Windows, Windows Defender, and Mcafee. It's a huge safety net for protecting information, transactions, and the overall security for this site. has a valid certificate, issued by a trusted authority.
This means information (such as passwords or credit cards) will be securely sent to this site and cannot be intercepted.

And this is how you find out this information about this or any site:
As you browse the web, you'll see an icon in the address bar on the left of the site's address, that looks like a little gray lock, or a little gray security shield with a checkmark in the middle (depending what browser you are using), that indicates the security of the connection to the site you're visiting. You just click on the little icon and it helps you determine if you can safely send to and receive information from the site. The connection tells you whether the information sent to and from the site, such as passwords, addresses, or credit cards, is securely sent and can't be intercepted by an attacker.


When you click on the little icon on the left of the address bar for the will tell you..the connection is secure (has valid certificate). The website you’re visiting has a valid certificate issued by a trusted authority. The information sent to and from the site is secure and can't be intercepted by an attacker.

We use enhanced security for this site. When enhanced security is turned on, Microsoft adds an extra layer of protection when you are browsing unfamiliar sites.


And your browsers, such as, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, add an extra level of protection, and have all kinds built-in security features. Just go to the settings of your browser..usually in the top right corner of the browser you're using..and click on the 4 dots..then click on settings..then go to security and manage your added security settings. Microsoft Edge uses Microsft Defender SmartScreen, thats automatically built-into the browsers security features, and will help protect you from malicious sites and downloads.


Google Chrome browser has many built-in security features also. It has Safe Browsing. Enhanced protection.
Faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions. Warns you about password breaches. Requires browsing data to be sent to Google.
Predicts and warns you about dangerous events before they happen.
Keeps you safe on Chrome and may be used to improve your security in other Google apps when you are signed in.
Improves security for you and everyone on the web.
Warns you if passwords are exposed in a data breach.
Sends URLs to Safe Browsing to check them. Also sends a small sample of pages, downloads, extension activity, and system information to help discover new threats. Temporarily links this data to your Google Account when you're signed in, to protect you across Google apps.




Security and Safety Certificate. Unique Wish Shop.

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