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Featured Product #3

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100% 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Custom Ring+Names+Birthstones+Engraving

Our Site Name In The Videos Still Says Unique Wish Shop, But We Have Changed To The Unique Shopz. We Will Be Fixing That.

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 100% 925 Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Personalized Ring with Birthstones & Custom Names & Engraving Inside

100% 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Ring with Birthstones, Custom Names, & an Engraving on the inside. Now these are some really great rings. They come in 925 silver or 14k gold plated, and they are rhodium plated, which makes them hard to scratch, fade resistant, and hypo-allergenic. Comes with 2-8 names, in silver or gold. You can also get up to 10 names (can be up to 9 letters). You can choose what color and month of the birthstone gems. You can get up to 2-8 birthstones! You can get an engraving on the inside of the ring also (up to 16 letters on the back of the inside and 9 letters on the front side, each side), you could get 'love and forever' or 'together forever' written on the inside of your ring, you can get more family members names or friends names written on the inside and on the front, so if you put the names on the outside and the inside, you can get a total of 10 names on the ring (8 on the front and 2 on the inside), or you can say whatever you want to say to that special someone in your life. Or you can get 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 family or friends names. This is one of the best rings we have in our shop. But make sure you let us know all the names and birthstones and engravings you want. Put it like name 1, stone 1, and name 2, and stone 2, and then what you want the engraving to be. You dont have to get names written on could write anything you want on each row where the names long as its not more than 9 letters. Have fun with it and get creative. You can put Name 1: Love You, Stone 1: June, Name 2: Always, Stone 2: November. And you dont have to get all different colored can just put the persons favorite color on all the birthstone selections. The birthstones look like colored shiny diamonds. And this ring comes in a beautiful gift box. And the gold rings are 14k gold plated and real silver inside and made to last. Fantastic ring, you won't regret...and definitely worth it.

Engraving language, we support English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Try and look at the photos of the rings to help you decide where you want to put everything. Shipping for this ring is very fast. It takes 5-7 days to make and 5-7 days to ship anywhere in the US.  People love this ring. Here are what a few customers had to say...   


Review: "Absolutely beautiful rings, my daughter and myself love them. Good quality, arrived in quick time. They were packaged in these adorable rose boxes and the rings sparkle so pretty in the light. The engraved names are very clear and make the rings extra special. Thank you." 16 Mar 03:54           


Another review: "It's beautiful came very fast is all I expected, its the best ring ever!" 22 Apr 09:49       


Review: "Absolutely beautiful, this is the third time I buy from seller and never disappointed with my item" 09 Apr  18:35       

Review: "It took 8 days to get to Canada. Very fast . The ring is beautiful! I believe it is Sterling Silver because I am allergic to so many jewelry, but not this one. I love the ring, it's beautiful!:)" 20 Apr 16:43       


 Review: "Absolutely a beautiful ring love it thanks to seller for doing it exactly how I wanted will be ordering more this is the most beautiful ring Ive ever had!" 15 Feb 09:29

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Featured Product #4

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

 New Hot Sale, 100% 925 Sterling Silver (23) Rings

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100% 925 Sterling Silver & 14k Gold (23) Rings, Popular Flower Lucky Rings 

2022 New Hot Sale, 100% 925 Sterling Silver  & 14k Gold Plated Rings, Popular Flower Lucky Rings. You get a lot of rings to choose from, and theyre all very beautiful and 100% 925 sterling silver, and for a great price! These rings go for $30-$75 at other stores. And we use the same exact suppliers that those other stores use, but we cut out all the middlemen, and go straight to the factory where theyre actually made. So we can give very low prices. And we like to be able to give our customers low prices. That is why we have our  Suggestion Box..because we will match or beat any price out there. We were worried that people would see our low prices, and think our jewelry's quality is bad. But it's not. We really do just enjoy giving good prices. We can, so we do. We could raise our prices to the same as everyone else..but we are just not greedy or superficial like that. So please don't be fooled by our low prices. We sell high-quality low cost jewelry. And these rings are very popular. I bought one of these and I love it. Wear it everyday. I didn't know what size I wear, so I got the wrong size, so I just wear it on my pinky. So now I know what size to get, so I bought another bigger one.  And you cant beat the price. You wont find this low price for real silver anywhere else. NOTE: If our silver is not real 925 sterling silver, we will refund you 10 times the price! Absolutely beautiful rings.


Review: Very fast delivery and at every moment they tell you where the order goes 25 May 12:59


Review: Fast! The ring is beautifully made and brings back the wording S925 19 May 07:06


Review: Thank you, as always really very beautiful and high quality. The seller is communicative and honest, also thank you very much for a beautiful gift that pleased. I recommend !! 24 May 08:00


Review: Very nice. It weighs so little that it misses me that it is silver even if I wear the stamp but it is equal to the photo. 16 Mar 2022 10:13


Review: Very beautiful!!Real silver 925!Thanks seller!! 29 Apr 07:02


Review: Beautiful anilloc. I had already ordered it before, but by mistake I asked for a bigger size, so I decided to buy it again, having the reference of the size of the previous one, for a smaller one and this time I 've got the right size. I don't know if it's really gonna be silver, but I 've been using it every day for a week, mojandolo and using hydroalcoholic gel and, for now, it hasn It doesn't stain your finger either. I am very happy with the purchase, I would certainly repeat. 28 Apr 09:47

Review: It is real silver! I love it! 06 Sep 11:36

Review: Ring exactly like the picture. Silver. 08 Sep 18:13


Additional Feedback

Excelente produto. Gostei bastante.

Review: Delivery was very fast, in less than a month was here, it was written 925 within, the ring is perfect first printing, very well worth the price! 25 Aug 11:24

Review: I got a little big but it stays on my thumb, comes being size 10,  the rest is very nice and it's identical to another I have, original Pandora, it looks exactly like Pandora! 08 Sep 16:00

Review: muito satisfeita, peças de excelente qualidade e entrega em 20 dias!!! 21 Jun 10:16

Review: The ring is beautiful, am using enough to see if the hearts peel or not. For now is all beautiful. Written 925. Recommend!!! 08 Sep 2022 05:01

Review: It is beautiful, one of the best rings I ever had, so shiny, and great price 20 Jul 16:09

Review: Is exactly as the picture shows. The ring is beautiful! 28 Aug 12:50

Review: achei um pouco grande, e não é muito o que esperava.. no mais, chegou tudo certo e bem rápido a entrega. 04 Jun 14:19

Review: Love. Very beautiful and delicate. Super recommend. 04 Jun 07:18


FP-#4 Is Out of Stock Right Now-But We Will Be Readding Them Soon.

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