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Shipping and Refund Policy


NOTE:  For ALL our refund polices, you MUST let us know by emailing us within 15 days of delivery at, that you will need a refund. (except for our 30-day partial refund policy). And then we have 5-7 days to send you the return shipping label, and after you get the return address, you will then have another 15 days to return your package. Thankyou for understanding.



First of all, there is a 48 hour window where you can still cancel your order, or make changes to your order, before it ships. If its been more than 48 hours, just email us at, and find out if your order has been shipped yet, and if it still hasn’t been shipped, we will still be able to cancel your order or make changes to it. And we will do this for you because customer satisfaction is our goal, and we will always go out of our way to make our customers happy. We believe in service and quality come first.

Money Back Guarantee/Buyer protection:


We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period. The buyer protection is 75 days after you made your order or 21 days for some jewelry orders(because jewelry orders have faster shipping than all of our other products, usually within 5-15 days, along with the 3-5 days to process your payment, sometimes between 7-20 days). So that means you are protected as the buyer, incase something happens to your product during shipping (it gets damaged) you are protected for 75 days while your product is shipped to you. And if something does get damaged you can get a refund 15 days after the claim process finishes (if your return meets all the requirements for a refund). You MUST take a short video (under 1 minute) of the damage and email it to us at, within 15 days of delivery. This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence.

NOTE:  And please DO NOT RETURN TO SENDER OR REFUSE A PACKAGE. Because the return address is going to be different than what is on your package. We will NOT be responsible for any packages that are refused or returned to sender, Please understand.




Also with Our Money Back Guarantee, you have 15 days from the date of delivery, to email us at and let us know that you will need a refund, you will also have to send the short video (under 1 minute) that CLEARLY shows what the defect/problem is with your product (because sometimes its just a problem..for example: you are having a problem with setting up the wifi with one of our security cameras, and we will watch your video, and sometimes be able to tell you how to fix it, but no matter what the problem is, you need to send the can be taken with your cellphone and in Mp4 format). And you need to email us the video in the 15 days from your delivery date and you MUST let us know you need a refund within 15 days of delivery. And, also, we will be able to see when your product was delivered, because we have the tracking information. And we will receive a picture of your product sitting in front of your door or mailbox with your address on it, from usps, or whichever other shipping carrier we use.  Unfortunately, if you do not let us know you need a refund within 15 days from the delivery date, you will not be eligible for a full refund, please understand (but you will still be eligible for our 30 day partial refund of 20%-60%) And once you email us at and let us know you need a refund, we will email you back and remind you of the exact steps you need to take to be able to get your refund, we try and make it a fast and easy process(it sounds more difficult than it is), and after we email you with the reminders, we will then have 5-7 days to email you and include the return address that you will need to send your package back to, and then you will have 15 more days after receiving the return address, to securely pack up your product, in the original packaging, and in the same condition you received it in, and then take it to your local post office and make sure you get a receipt with the return tracking number (and take a picture of your package with the return address on it for proof of shipment) and then ship it back. But with this refund, you cant just change your mind and want a refund. Your product has to be defective or damaged in some way or it has to be not as described or not delivered within the buyers protection period. And you will be responsible for sending the product back to the one of the warehouses that are used to make, pack, and ship out our products, alot are in the US, and we use some all around the world, it just depends on which product it is. We will give you an address of where you need to send the product, 5-7 days after you email us. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs(except for free return products, but not all products qualify for a free return).  And it has to be sent back in its original packaging with its tags still on, and unworn, and unused. Because some of our products contain lithium batteries, which is considered by the FAA to be a hazardous material for shipping, and it has symbols on the packaging that lets the shipper know how to properly and safely ship the product. And custom made jewelry with names and birthstones are not eligible for a refund, unless it was our mistake and the engraving is spelled wrong, in that case, we will resend the product. And please read the product information carefully and completely, because with this refund policy, we do not give refunds just because you picked the wrong product. We might be able to arrange an exchange though and there are circumstances that we can refund you if this happens. Email is the best way to get a hold of us, so just email us at    

NOTE: With some products that you receive, that are damaged..sometimes you will be able to send the product back to our manufacturer, and they will fix it for you and ship it back to you. You will have to pay for the shipping back to the manufacturer and we will pay to have it shipped back to you. And there will be times when you will be able to keep the broken product and just send the video (under 1 minute in MP4 format) CLEARLY showing the problem with the product. We will let you know when this is an option. And again, you MUST send the video within 15 days of delivery.



Free Local Return policy:


Now we also have a free local return refund policy on some products. Refunds vary depending on the supplier and we use many global suppliers from all over the world. But we mostly have 2 main refund policies, which are the Money-Back Guarantee and the Free Local Return policy. And with both of them, the main thing to remember is that you MUST email us to let us know you will need a refund within 15 days from delivery. We will try and put whether its a free return on the product description page beside the product description. Or you can email us and ask if its a free return item. With the free return items,you have 15 days from the date of delivery to let us know by emailing us at to  return the product for any reason. You MUST email us at within 15 days .   Unfortunately, if you do NOT email us within 15 days of delivery, you will not be eligible for a full refund. (unless the product has a warranty, we will also put that on the product pages)   Package must be in its original packaging with its tags still on it. In good condition or in the condition that you received it in. And we will email you 5-7 days after you email us letting us know you need a refund, with the free return shipping label for you to put on the package, with its return mailing address on it. The return address will be different than our address.  With 'Free Local Return' service, you get 15 days (after the on-time delivery date) to let us know if you want to keep or return the item for any reason, as long as they are unused, unwashed and in their original condition – complete with the original packaging, tags, etc. It's easy and fast:Easy• Return items locally and easily: 1) Get the return code or label, we will email you the return shipping label usually in about 5-7 days after you email us about needing a refund, and after you email us about needing a refund, thats when we will start the dispute refund claim process and after you receive the free return shipping label, you then have 15 more days to securely pack up your package with free return label on it,  2)  Take your package to the local post office, (we recommend you take a picture of the package with return label before you ship it out and email that to us too.)   and, 3) lastly, after you've shipped your package,wait for the local warehouse to confirm receipt of your returned package.(make sure you keep the postal receipt from the post office, because you will need to email us with the tracking number as soon as you get it)• Fast• Refund will be made to you once we confirm receipt of your returned parcel which meet the conditions for reimbursement.• Items will be processed at a local warehouse, instead of being sent back to the suppliers country of origin.
• Note: You can only enjoy one-time free local return for one order. If you initiate multiple return requests under an order, you can only enjoy the free local return service once, and other return requests can still enjoy local return service but you will have to cover the return shipping costs to the designated local return address (and our local return shipping prices are low). But we suggest that you return all orders in one package, to be able to enjoy the free local return and not have to pay separate shipping fees.



We also have a 30 day money back guarantee, that starts from the date of delivery. Where you can receive a partial refund, depending on what product you bought, you can get from 30%-80% refund back. And it doesn’t matter what the reason is, its no questions asked refund. You just have to mail the product back, in its original packaging, with its original tags on it, and unworn and unused, and everything that was shipped to you has to be included, to the address we email you back with. The product has to be in good condition,  or the same condition it was in when you received it. And again, buyer is responsible for shipping costs. But email us first within 15 days of delivery to let us know you will be needing a refund. But with this refund, you dont definitely HAVE to email us within 15 days, if you happen to forget, as long as you let us know, so we can send you the return address (that will be in Virginia) and as long as you do that and pack it and have it shipped out before the 30 days from the delivery date, then you will get your refund. Thankyou for understanding.

We also have a Local Return on some of our products (this will be on the product description page)

 With 'Local Return' service, you could get 15 days (on top of the on-time delivery date) to decide if you want to keep or return the item without any reason.(you have to email us at within 15 days to let us know you will need a refund) Return Shipment Fee: The return shipping costs to the designated local return address are borne by the buyer. This return policy is the same as the other return policies. You need to email us a short video (under 1 minute in MP4 format) CLEARLY showing the problem with the product within 15-20 days after delivery. And once we email you (within 5-7 days after you let us know you need a refund) with the local return address, you have another 15 days to pack up the product (pack it with the original packaging) and ship it back.

On international orders, it’s a 30 day money back guarantee but you will only receive a partial refund, again it will be 30%-60%, depending on which product you ordered. The 15 day return policy does not apply here. You still have to return the product to us, it has to be in good condition, or in the same condition you received it in, and in its original packaging. Again, email us within 15 days and let us know you will be needing a refund (there are times when a customer will not be able to email us and let us know within 15 days, in that case just email us as soon as you can). For jewelry orders, there cant be any scuffs or damage to the product and it has to be with its original tags still on it. Now there are times where we will be able to provide a 100% refund on international orders. But for that to happen, you MUST email us a very short video (under 1 minute in MP4 format) or photos CLEARLY showing the problem with the product, within 15 days of the delivery.  But if you dont want to send a video, or you forget and dont do it within 15 days, you are still guaranteed a partial refund. And most of the time its a 50%-60% refund. And again, if you email the video within the 15 days after the delivery, it will most likely be a full refund.



Our Guaranteed Partial Refund/No Questions Asked Policy: (Well, except for the short video you have to send, if you want to keep it and its damaged=)

This is a 30-day money-back guarantee of a partial refund, whether the product is damaged or not. You can decide to keep the product and still receive a partial refund, of up to 30%-60%. But of course, if youre keeping the product then the product must have some defect/problem with it. Thats why we require you to send a short video CLEARLY showing whats wrong with the product.  Unfortunately, if your video does not CLEARLY show the damage or problem with the product, then you will have to send the product/package back to us to get your partial refund, but you will be responsible for the costs of mailing the package back to a local address in VA. But most of our products are very light weight, so shipping costs will be low. And we will email you with the return address after you email us to let us know you will be needing a return. So the faster you email us and let us know, and the faster you ship the product back (if its undamaged) the faster you will get your refund. It would go better for you, if you email us and let us know within at least 15 days of delivery that you will be needing a refund. So we will have time to email you the return address. With this return policy, you wont have to return the product and pay return shipping fees, unless its undamaged. And you have 30 days from the delivery date, to email at  and let us know you need the refund.  Unfortunately, if its been passed 30 days since the delivery, you will no longer be eligible for a refund, please understand. If you decide to keep the product, All you have to do is take a picture or a short video with your phone (in MP4 format), and CLEARLY show that the product does not work or is defective or damaged in some way, also take a picture of the product, the packaging, and the invoice (if one was provided) and email it to our business address, at, All within the 30 days of delivery. So you just have to have it shipped out within 30 days from the delivery date, it doesnt have to arrive to the destination/return address by 30 days. And you only have to show its defective if you decide to keep the product. We expect our customers to be honest, but we still have to protect ourselves from scams, and so we have to require some sort of proof that the product is defective. And we thank you for this.   


NOTE: And when we give you a 30%-60% refund back, we aren’t making any profit on that deal. Because we payed the other 70%-50%... to our manufacturer, that actually makes our we pay them the 50%-70%, for the product in the first place. And we are giving 30%-60% off on all our products for sale to start off with. We charge at little as we can for our products, so we can give our customers low prices. So on some products we only get 30%-60% profit on the sale. And we are providing free shipping for all of our products to start off with. So you didn’t have to pay for any shipping fees. So that means, we had to pay for the shipping to get to the customer, and after you mail the product back to us, we have to pay for the shipping to get back to our supplier for our refund. And our refund it not guaranteed. And if we do get our refund, we will give that to you as well, and make it a full refund.


We don’t expect that we will receive many refund requests. Our company searches all over the world for the best high-quality low cost suppliers. We have suppliers in the US, Europe, Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland, Australia, and China. We buy samples of what we are going to sell, to make sure it is high quality and so we know everything its capable of doing, so we can let our customers know. And before our products are shipped to our customer, each product is tested to make sure its working at 100%. So hopefully we will not have the need for too many refund requests.

If something is not clear about our shipping and return policy, please email us at our business email address.

Thankyou from the team at The Unique Wish Shop.


Some of our products do have a warranty. Check the product information page where the product descriptions is. It will show you for how long the warranty lasts and what the waranty covers.  We will put shipping and refund information on the product description page also. So make sure you check. Or just email us and find out. And we will also require a SHORT video of the product not working, and we will let you know if you qualify for the warranty. 

Shipping policies

Processing Time: All payments are processed within 3 – 5 business days. And then it takes an extra 1 – 3 days on top of the standard shipping time, to ship your order to the warehouse, put your name and address on it and ship out. We also give a quality check to make sure its at 100% and ready to go.

Shipping Time: 

Standard Shipping: 10 – 15 business days. (Some products shipping time will be less, and we will put the shipping times on the product description page, our jewelry ships faster than our other products, sometimes in 5-9 days)

Shipping time is calculated from the date that it is shipped out, not the date when the order is placed, and depends on the destination. 

If we are experiencing a high volume of orders or extreme weather conditions in some parts of the country, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in the shipment of your order, we will contact you via email.

After you place your order, you will get a order confirmation email, and once your order has shipped, you will receive another email with the tracking number and shipping courier we will be using. And you will also be receiving a delivery email once your package is delivered. And after you receive that email, on your delivery date, you only have 15 days to email us and request a refund. Refunds will be made to you once we confirm receipt of your returned parcel and they meet all the requirements.  We try and make it a fast and easy process.

We hope that our low prices and high quality products will make you think its worth the wait! And we will beat or match any product out there! Just go to our Suggestion Box for the rules. And we have free shipping on all our products. Happy Shopping!


NOTE: IF you live in the USA, you need to pick either the US shipping or the China Shipping option. Those are the only two countries currently shipping to the US. Thankyou






The buyer is responsible for all, if any, customs fees and taxes, for international orders. We hardly ever get stopped in customs, but every once in awhile they will do a spot check. And you may have to pay a customs fee. But we have some of the lowest customs fees there are for the kind of products we sell. But this isn’t usually a problem. We haven’t been stopped yet for any customs fees or taxes. But we just have to warn you, just incase. If you refuse to pay the custom fees, you will only be eligible for a partial refund. Custom fees will not be refunded. But we're just writing about this for legal reasons. We do not normally have any custom fees. We are actually working with a lawyer to set it up so you can pay any customs taxes when you purchase a product from our website, instead of having to wait to see if there are any taxes or fees when the order is delivered. We will update our customs policy after the 1st of July.

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