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The Unique MB5000TECH Powerbanks/Portable Chargers/Wireless Chargers Shop

MB5000TECH Powerbanks (Made Better Technology)

ALL of our powerbanks/portable chargers are for Iphones & Androids (except some of the wireless powerbanks..they are for 99% of Iphones on the market today..& some can check your phone model online to see if it is Qi wireless enabled/compatible..or ask us)
But ALL of our regular powerbanks, including our mini powerbanks, our solar powerbanks, & our laptop powerbanks, are for ALL Iphones & Androids. And they will all charge other 5V USB devices, such as, tablets, ipads, GPS, kindle, nintendo switch, earbuds, some USB charged toys, some smart watches, vapor cartridges, digital cameras, drones, heated clothes, digital gaming stations, car dash cams....etc..and many more! (even all our wireless powerbanks have wireless & wired charging that can be used as a regular powerbank that uses a USB cable to charge ALL smartphones & all those devices also, so even if you buy a wireless powerbank and your smartphone is not Qi wireless charging compatible, you can still use it to charge your phone with a USB cable). 

All Our Best Unique MB5000TECH Powerbanks/Portable Chargers & Accessories

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